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The Teaching Academy invites you to attend Shark Tank!

Doctoral students and Postdoctoral fellows have been selected to present proposals to our panel of Education Scholarship Sharks, who will distribute $10,000 among the project(s). The best presentation proposal might win it all, or the pot might be divided among selected projects!
Your vote counts! The audience vote will inform the Sharks’ decision. Fall treats will be served!

Please join us for this new and exciting Education Innovation grant opportunity - RSVP!


Eyes on Teaching Series

Intended for those with little or no formal pedagogical training, these workshops are designed to prepare instructors to teach effectively at the university level.

Workshops are open to all faculty, lecturers, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students with instructional appointments in Arts & Sciences or Engineering. Also open to any graduate student or post-doctoral fellow enrolled in the PFFTA certificate program regardless of division.


Faculty Conversations on Teaching

After a successful launch last academic year Lunch and Learn - Faculty Conversations on Teaching returns for 2016-2017. These casual, monthly, one-hour discussions over lunch spotlight experienced faculty sharing innovative teaching practices and demonstrating how others might implement similar strategies.

The 2016-2017 Lunch and Learn Series:

  1. Thursday, October 20 [12:00-1:30 Sherwood Room, Levering Hall] Flipped courses: What is the purpose?  What are the strategies? Panel and Discussion with Avanti Athreya, Assistant Research Professor Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Michael Falk, Professor Materials Science & Engineering, Bob Leheny, Professor Physics & Astronomy, and Brenda Rapp, Professor Cognitive Science
  2. Friday, December 16 [12:00-1:30 Sherwood Room, Levering Hall] Team-based Learningwith Eileen Haase, Senior Lecturer Biomedical Engineering, and Mike Reese, Director Center for Educational Resources
  3. Thursday, February 16 [12:00-1:30 Sherwood Room, Levering Hall] Constructing a Comprehensive Syllabuswith Christov Roberson, Lecturer Biology, and Katie Tifft, Lecturer Biology
  4. Friday, April 21 [12:00-1:30 Brody Learning Commons Room 5015] Using Videos in Your Course with Jane Greco, Associate Teaching Professor Chemistry and faculty to be announced

Introducing Reveal: an image annotation tool

Available for Homewood instructors, Reveal is a web application that uses image annotation to create websites. Reveal allows you to display image, audio, and video files in a spatial context, providing a way to illustrate visual relationships.

This program is integrated with Johns Hopkins Authentication so all content is password protected. Learn more...