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Homewood Faculty eNews digests summarize some of the resources available to Homewood faculty from the Center for Educational Resources, the Sheridan Libraries, and IT@JH.  Each eNews issue highlights resources that can enhance teaching or research or facilitate faculty administrative tasks.  The topics in the archives are searchable. To offer a comment about the digest or to suggest a topic for an upcoming issue, please email

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Issue #44 - February 2017 (Faculty Exchanges, 2017 TF Grants, Teaching Academy Events, Panopto Quizzes, Research Methods, JHU Data Mgmt, Win 10 Classrooms/Zoom, Enterprise Skype)

Issue #43 - August 2016 (New Lunch & Learn, Teaching Academy Update, TA Training, No More Analog Classrooms, Visual Resources Collection, Outdoor WiFi, Research Assignments, Classroom Exchanges)

Issue #42 - April 2016 (TF Showcase, Teaching Academy Events, Faculty Spotlight-Papadakis, Assigned Readings, BB Updates, Revamped Classrooms, Data Management Services, Video Collaboration)

Issue #41 - February 2016 (TF Grants, Faculty Spotlight-Roy, GSI Symposium 4, Reveal Tool, Teaching w/Data, JHBox, Community Based Learning, Classroom Tech)

Issue #40 - December 2015 (Lunch & Learn, GSI Symposium, PFFTA Grads, Memrise App, BB/Qwickly, Class Tech Survey, SciVal/Grant Forward)

Issue #39 - August 2015 (Teaching Academy, Inquiry-Based Projects, Blackboard Fall '15, HORNET, Starfish Interim Reports, Classroom Tech, 101 Innovations Survey)

Issue #38 - April 2015 (Undergrad Research, 2015 Summer Teaching, 2015 PFFTA, Faculty Spotlight - Allen, Flipping Tips, BB Grader App, High Speed Research, Gilman Updates, BorrowDirect Integrated)

Issue #37 - February 2015 (NV Grants, TAR Fellowships, TF Grants, TILE, New BB Features, Faculty Spotlight - Hendry, Interim Reports in Starfish, Classroom Updates, Research Guides)

Issue #36 - November 2014 (Faculty Mentors, Prezi, Faculty Spotlight - Amir, BB Section Merge, PFFTA Grads, Prep. Univ. Teaching Course, Classroom Updates, On-Site BorrowDirect, Lync)

Issue #35 - September 2014 (Summer Teaching Institute, Faculty/TA Services, Creating A Syllabus, Classroom Tech, Blackboard Updates, JHBox, Starfish Interim Reports, BorrowDirect, Recycling Ramp Up)

Issue #34 - April 2014 (Future Faculty Academy, Faculty Spotlight - Monopolis, Peer Learning, TF Showcase, Blackboard Grading Options, Library Information Services, Malone Hall)

Issue #33 - February 2014 (January Symposia on Learning, Padlet, Faculty Spotlight - Sanchez, TF Grants Open, Panopto, Blackboard Updates, Outdoor WiFi, Research Clinics)

Issue #32 - November 2013 (January Symposia on Learning, Innovative Instructor, Faculty Spotlight - Haase, Preparation for University Teaching, Classroom Tech News, Blackboard New Features, Eduroam WiFi, MSEL User Experience)

Issue #31 - September 2013 (GSI Grants II, Preparing Future Faculty, Faculty Services, Flipping Your Class, Blackboard Fall Updates, Classroom Tech For Fall, Research Workshops, New Antivirus)

Issue #30 - April 2013 (GSI Grants II, TF Showcase, End of Semester Crunch, Blackboard Major Updates, ARTstor Drops Java, Faculty Input on Classroom Tech, Email Migrations)

Issue #29 - February 2013 (GSI Symposium II, Faculty Spotlight - Neufeld, Prevent Cheating, TF Grants Open, Blackboard Groups, Catalyst Articles, JHU Open Access, KIT-CATS AV Restructuring)

Issue #28 - December 2012 (New Instructor Blog, GSI Symposium II, Faculty Spotlight - Mitrani-Reiser, Case Studies, TF Grants, Blackboard Service Packs, MSE Crunch Time, Dell Discounts)

Issue #27 - September 2012 (Blackboard Updates, CER Services, Faculty Spotlight - Harrower, Innovative Assessment, MSE Updates: BLC, New Website, Classroom Tech Updates, Phoenix HPC)

Issue #26 - April 2012 (Humanities/Soc Sci Grants, TF Showcase, BB User Group, Ares Reserves, Student Videos, Faculty Spotlight - Hager, Internet2, Classroom Support, BLC Opening, JHUMobile)

Issue #25 - February 2012 (Gateway Sciences Highlights, TF Grants, Rubrics, Blackboard Updates, Faculty Spotlight - Eisner, Tech Classrooms/Store, MSE Workshops, Student Portal)

Issue #24 - November 2011 (Gateway Sciences Symposium, TF Grants, Blackboard Paste From Word, Turnitin Expanded, Mobiles In Class, Academic Tech Facilities, Faculty Spotlight - Smart, MSE Blogs Anniv.)

Issue #23 - September 2011 (Gateway Sciences Grant, Blackboard Updates, ArcGIS Desktop, Free Mathematica, Faculty Spotlight - Fisher, FA11 Bits & Bytes, MSEL Research Workshops, Innovative Instructors)

Issue #22 - May 2011 (2011 Tech Fellows Showcase, Blackboard-ISIS Grade Import, Faculty Spotlight - Becker, Student Virtual Desktops, Catalyst Library Catalog, Geospatial Classroom, Innovative Instructors)

Issue #21 - February 2011 (Collaboration Software Pilot, 2011-12 Tech Fellows Grants Open, Spring 2011 Bits & Bytes Workshops, Faculty Spotlight - DeLuca, Blackboard Updates, Sheet Music Collection)

Issue #20 - October 2010 (Blackboard Migration Update, BB Calculated Grades, Grad Prep. Teaching Course, Tech Fellows Grants, iPad/iPhone Classroom Control, JH Tech Store Open, RSS for Research, CER Grant Help)

Issue #19 - August 2010 (Blackboard Migration Update, Blackboard Blog Feature, 5G JShare, Instructional Video Streaming, Hopkins Tech Store, JScholarship, IT Recycling)

Issue #18 - April 2010 (Blackboard Migration Update, Tech Fellows Showcase, Blackboard Grade Center, Faculty Spotlight - Barnett, Data Services, MSEL Online Newspapers, HW Classroom Tech, ISIS Bookstore Features, SAP Upgrade In May)

Issue #17 - February 2010 (Blackboard 9 Pilot & Feature Preview, Seattle Civil Rights Seminar, Tech Fellows Grants, Faculty Spotlight - McCarter, iHopkins, Scholarly Metrics, Library Workshops)

Issue #16 - November 2009 (CMS Migration, Innovative Instructor, Faculty Spotlight - David/Shingles, ISIS Photo Roster, Podcasting/Webcasting, Teaching Portfolios, Teaching With Images, Writing For Publication)

Issue #15 - September 2009 (ISIS Class Email, Library Teaching Tools, Classroom Tech Upgrades, Faculty Spotlight - Gorman, New CMS, CER Services, TA Orientation)

Issue #14 - April 2009 (TF Showcase, New CER Website, Faculty Spotlight - Falk, Virtual Software, Publishing Rights, E-Portfolio, Proxy Service, New JHConnect VPN)

Issue #13 - February 2009 (Spring TF Grants, Course Mgmt. Demos, Faculty Spotlight - Blythe, Lib. Research Skills, Grant Help, RefWorks)

Issue #12 - December 2008 (Managed Mac Service, TA Training, Adobe Connect, Upgraded JHSearch, Library Guides, On Demand Help, Faculty Spotlight - Plank)

Issue #11 - October 2008 (New Course Management, Fall TF Grants, Sparky Awards, Faculty Spotlight - Rodini, Sharepoint, Portal Updates)

Issue #10 - August 2008 (TA Training, Laptop Encryption, Faculty Spotlight - Falzone, Library GPS, CER Services, Mediasite, Library Toolbar, 3D Campus)

Issue #9 - April 2008 (Cluster Computing, Tech Fellows Showcase, JScholarship Repository, Online Homework, Library Blog, CER Feedback)

Issue #8 - February 2008 (Digital Music Collections, Webconferencing Trial, Citation Tracking, Shibboleth Authentication, 08-09 Tech Fellows Grants, GPS Classroom Grants)

Issue #7 - December 2007 [PDF] (Automatic Backup Pilot, Dunning Smart Rooms, JHU Portal, Library Betas, TA Training Credit Class, Image Collections)

Issue #6 - October 2007 [PDF] (New Faculty Welcome, Emergency Alert System, IT Expo, ISIS Student Info, 2008/09 Tech Fellows Grants, Library Search Alerts, Turnitin Plagiarism Detection)

Issue #5 - August 2007 [PDF] (Portal, Tech Classrooms, New Wireless, Pocasting Expands, TA Training, Bits & Bytes, Special Collections, Tech Survey)

Issue #4 - April 2007 [PDF] (Tech Fellows Symposium, Tech Classrooms, Equipment Reserves, Mediasite, Library Remote Proxy, Educational Software Pricing, Faculty Survey, Timeline)

Issue #3 - February 2007 [PDF] (Tech Classrooms, e-Reserves, Interactive Map, Tech Consults, Mobile Laptop Cart, Future Networking)

Issue #2 - December 2006 [PDF] (DID/ARTstor, Tablets, Faculty/IT Communication, Technology Fellowships, Google Scholar, Wireless)

Issue #1 - November 2006 [PDF] (WebCT, iTunes, Podcasting, Eisenhower Express, Turnitin, Anti-Spam)